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Posted on August 6, 2017


Project Desciption

We are looking for an advanced developer or developers who have experience developing IOS and Android apps that interface with a browser based website connected to a database.

This scheduling app/software will revolutionize how managers schedule their staff and how they fill empty or abandoned shifts. We have recently discovered another more expansive use for our concept that will explode its adoption.  

This is not a one time project. We are looking for someone who will grow with us. We have sketched out versions 2 and 3. Features for version 4 are being brainstormed.

It is our intent to dedicate a strong % of monthly gross revenues to ongoing development.

If you are selected as developer of this venture, you will enjoy the benefits of consistent monthly income and exciting, cutting edge development challenges.

Due to the highly competitive nature of this type of project anyone interested in preparing a proposal for doing the work will be required to sign and return an NDA.

Please reply regarding your interest in our venture by requesting to sign an NDA.

When you return the signed NDA, we will forward you flow charts and sample IOS screenshots as well as a verbal description of how the app/software will function.

We are looking for a person or group of people who can help make this the most exciting and advanced/forward thinking SaaS that exists today.

Skills Required

Content Marketing


Web Programming

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Requesting to sign an NDA to prepare development quote.