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October 5, 2018
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6 Things Successful Freelancers Do Every Friday

Well, it’s Friday again.

In some ways, you’re probably totally jazzed about it. A couple days off (hopefully) from the grind of client phone calls, bills, and the other details of running your business. (It’s a love-hate relationship. I get it.)

But on the other hand, where did this whole week go!?

Remember on Monday, when you were excited to get started because you had a really fun project ahead of you? Remember that cool marketing idea you had on Monday that you swore would have you tons of new clients by the end of the week.


And somehow, the last five days have flown by in a blur. Leaving you pretty much in the same place you were last Friday–looking forward to the weekend, but wondering why you even did this week.

I’ve had this sort of strange feeling hundreds of times.

But, over the years, I’ve found some great ways to set yourself up for success and progress every week.

When your brain starts fresh on Monday, you won’t be stressed by the clutter. #freelancing

As I was writing this list, I noticed that most of these tasks are best suited to a Friday. So here are 6 things successful freelancers do every Friday that set themselves up for huge progress and success next week.

1. Clean your workspace.

Whether you work in a big private office, a small rented cubicle, or in a local coffee shop, organizing your workspace will help you start off better on Monday.

Clean your office. Clean your computer desktop. Organize your email.

Why? When your brain starts fresh on Monday morning, you won’t be bogged down or stressed by the clutter, unfinished work, or confusion.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

2. Tie up any major loose ends.

If there’s even a remote chance one of your clients is going to call you about something urgent over the weekend, you can end up wasting all your relaxation time on Saturday and Sunday stressing about it.

Even if they’re not going to call you, the mere fact that they might call is enough to ruin a good weekend.

So before calling it a day on Friday, be sure to tie up any major loose ends with your clients.

3. Make plans for next week.

This one can be tough. If you’re like me, then all you want to do on Friday is end the day early and start the weekend as quickly as you can.

But taking 30 minutes to plan out what your major goals and projects are for next week is worth the time.

Not only will you hit the ground running on Monday morning (there’s nothing worse than trying to plan out your week on Monday during a weekend hangover), but planning on Friday will allow you to stress less about what’s ahead of you the following week.

 4. Review the previous week.

Not only should you be looking forward, but Friday is a great time to hold yourself accountable.

Did you get done everything you said you would last Friday?

Did you reach your goals for the week?

Did you learn anything new that you should be sure to record so you don’t have to learn the same lesson twice?

If the answer is “yes” to the questions above, you’re pretty much set.

If not, adjust plans for next week to get everything done, hit your goals, and be as successful as possible.

5. Finish Strong (or finish early)

For lots of people out there, Friday means working hard until noon, getting the weekend bug, and then piddling around for a few hours while you “finish out the week.”

But successful people do one of two things: they either finish strong (working until the job is done) or the finish early (planning to skip the less-effective hours of the Friday afternoon and just get on with the weekend).

But whatever you do, don’t just twiddle your thumbs all afternoon on Friday since it will leave you feeling like you’ve had a less-productive week–even if you had a great last 4 days.

6. Force yourself to stop working

As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to work late every night (including Fridays) or work through the weekend.

But our bodies are not built for such a continuous load of work. Force yourself to take a break over the weekend (or at least Friday night) and you’ll reap the benefits of a well-rested body and mind on Monday morning.

An easy way to force a little rest and relaxation on yourself is to make plans with people you care about. Then keep your commitments.

What habits do you have for Fridays?


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